hi. We're married.

let's party. 

october 23 2017 // san francisco city hall


what happened?

three years ago...

Miz and Daniel traumatised Japanese high school students together in the rural city of Komatsu by teaching them Metaphysics (Descartes, anyone?). 

Now, they're married. 


Save the Date(s):

San francisco, USA: october 23, 2017

new york, usa: December 16, 2017

london, uk: tba, 2018

yokohama, japan: tba, 2018

komatsu, japan: tba, 2018




Wedding Details

Miz and Daniel have friends around the world (see global trail of wedding parties above). At the moment, we only have our San Francisco bash planned – please RSVP above to let us know which party(ies) you might want to attend. 

The civil ceremony

October 23rd 2:30-3:00PM
Family only
San Francisco City Hall

The uncivil ceremony

October 23rd 8:00PM-Break of dawn
The Slanted Door:



We have registries at the following: