language classes with daniel & miz

about us:

daniel & miz are a pair of overeducated polyglot-artists living in new york.

daniel has taught and worked in six languages in addition to his native english (japanese, spanish, portuguese, german, french, hebrew). he’s been trained in theory & practice of language pedagogy. he’s also a musician.

miz is a native bilingual of japanese and english, and has taught both languages extensively. she also speaks french, spanish and norwegian, and is learning german and hebrew. she’s a writer.

our philosophy boils down to a few key points:

  • we must learn to listen before we can learn to speak.

  • to learn something, we must notice it ourselves.

  • exposure to comprehensible input gives us the chance to notice.

  • learning a language is discovering a new culture - we must embody it.

  • if NY’ers can’t do all their learning on the subway, it ain’t happening. :)

languages offered:


  • starter pack (5h): $150

  • one hour: $60

  • ten hours: $500 ($50/class)

  • twenty hours: $800 ($40/class)

  • monthly unlimited $500/mo

free starter session offered for first time students

group classes are 10% off for each added person (up to 6)

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  • 96th & Columbus Ave

  • Online